Working in the fashion industry with sustainability, durability and contemporary aesthetics in mind is more or less a short lived fad! While keeping their passion strong in the ever-changing world of impulsive buyers and vivid styles, AKASHI is sure to stand out!

Mumbai (India) based, Vina Ahuja, Sanjana Shetty and Alexander Kaleekal have put together a sophisticated and contemporary fashion brand.

The Director, Vina Ahuja, has immense interest in design of all forms. After having studied Interior Design and having worked in home textiles with villages for weaving, dyeing and printing for 22 years, her knowledge and passion for both fashion and textile is immerse.

The Idea behind Akashi was initiated in 2016. Akashi is a line of Easy wear clothing for woman of all shapes and sizes and different age groups. They are consistently using traditional techniques in various forms, whether it is contemporary or easy wear clothing.

Their design and manufacturing unit is based in Mumbai and all fabrics, accessories and trimmings are sourced from Jaipur, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The fabrics used are all natural like, flax, voile, ikat and cotton.

Akashi is about wanting to do something which interprets your thought process. I have interest in many designers and love their work, but what we are trying to do is just keep it simple yet give it a little bit of vintage feel keeping in mind the sustainability and reusability, work with villages/cottages, keep it a little feminine, add some element of style, have a little flirtishness and a womanly feel to the garment irrespective of size, colour, height or age- every woman should feel good. ”                                                                          -Vina Ahuja


Talking about their retail presence, they have an online store and ship worldwide. You can also check them out at the Mumbai duty free airport.  Apart from that, they are currently doing a trunk show with the Seven Seas Voyager Regents cruise liner for the Asian belt and looking forward to stocking up at a boutique shop in Mauritius by this month!

Their latest launched collection is the WILDFLOWER collection. You can find a line of garments in which these have been finished with little details, trimmings, tassels, embroidery and inner linings with printed fabric to match the colours.

I personally loved their collection so I decided to have a look at their unit in Mumbai. Sanjana was kind enough to walk me through the whole process of making the garments.

I was very impressed to see their set of workforce working passionately right from prototyping to embroidery to sampling and to production. The artisans have rich set of skills to carry out in-house embroidery. They also have a monopoly for the prints on the fabric for each season.

Undoubtedly their work is impressive, but what I loved the most and would rate them excellent in would be the detailing in the finishing of their product! The garment can always be beautiful from the outside but it also needs to be beautiful from the inside.

So in their summer collection, each outfit had the same colour print that went inside it. For example, if it was a pink dress then it was complimented with a pink floral lining inside it, the buttons also are carefully embroidered and custom made for each dress and, each and every seam in the dress is colour coordinated and well done.

Another interesting thing is that since they want to be a sustainable brand, they don’t use much of synthetic in their clothing instead they have more of buttons and tie ups.

We are very particular regarding our QC (quality control). Hence, there is a process we follow to achieve the kind of quality we want to deliver to our audience. We like for our products to be economical and affordable to the buyer.

-Sanjana Shetty

You can find long/short skirts, crop tops, long tops, tie-ups, jackets, pants and many more from the range of 5000 INR and upwards.

Check them out at www.akashi.in and shop online at www.akashiclothing.com for worldwide deliveries. Don’t forget to stop by their store at Mumbai international airport (duty free)!

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